Smarter investing alternatives

Born in Silicon Valley, Convergence applies
modern data analytics to profit from irrational markets

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What We Do


Diversify your portfolio and reduce dependence on stock market direction with access to Convergence’s actively managed, alternative investment strategies.

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Accredited Investors &
Wealth Managers

Add a unique source of alpha to your portfolio through a separately managed account or private fund allocation. Work with Convergence directly or as a sub-advisor to your existing Wealth Manager.

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Access our specialized expertise in closed-end funds, a generally overlooked asset class, through direct asset allocation or portfolio consulting.

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Convergence Investment Management is a registered investment advisor headquartered in San Francisco. We offer alternative investments strategies to individuals as well as institutional investors via separately managed accounts or private fund offerings.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolios are managed by Chad Gray, CFA, who has managed closed-end fund arbitrage strategies since 2010. Chad takes a data-centric approach to the investment process, having worked previously as a data science leader in Silicon Valley, and as an analytics specialist at McKinsey & Co. He earned dual masters degrees (Computer Science, MBA) from MIT and a B.S. from Northwestern University.


Chad is supported by a network of researchers from leading engineering, finance, and data science programs including MIT, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and USC.


Smarter Investing

We believe that markets, while highly efficient, are not perfectly efficient. We locate inefficient and irrational corners of the market and apply investing strategies that apply a systematic, rational approach.


We specialize in closed-end funds, a $300B segment of the US equity markets which is generally overlooked and misunderstood – and inefficient. We apply quantitative methods from the field of machine learning to gain an edge in forecasting price direction.


We specializes in closed-end funds, a generally overlooked and frequently misunderstood asset class.  Narrow focus yields unique insight and investment opportunity.  Read examples of past analysis of closed-end fund investing here.


Because we focus on smaller portfolios, we can act quickly to take advantage of smaller price divergences with limited time horizons not be possible for larger managers.


Convergence has developed a robust library of software to more accurately identify trading opportunities and – once found – to more efficiently capitalize on them.

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